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homepage photoYour shift to a healthy lifestyle begins at Drink Vapur ­­ your knowledge resource center on how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle the Australian way.

Obviously the first question that pops into your mind is: “Why do Australians need to live a healthy lifestyle?”

We have one of the longest life expectancy rates in the world. You could be born in 2012 and expect to live up to about 85 years old and 65 of those years without any disabilities.

We have access to one of the best health care systems in the world that provides advanced detection, diagnosis and treatment techniques. This is why when it comes to quality of life, Australia is the envy of the world.

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While we expect to live longer and have access to excellent health care it doesn’t necessarily mean that Australians are healthy. We could all be healthier. Gone are the days when acute illnesses were the leading cause of death. Nowadays, the leading causes of death are chronic conditions that are lifestyle-related.

Systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, pulmonary diseases, and diabetes can be avoided or managed by living a healthy lifestyle, which generally involves regular exercise and a balanced, healthy diet. There are also other factors that affect your overall health such as smoking, stress, and your weight.

Here at Drink Vapur, our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive body of knowledge that can serve as your guide towards living and sustaining a more balanced life. You can also find plenty of resources and links on sports and fitness activities that are suitable to your fitness level. It could be something as simple as a regular leisurely walk in the park that could get you started towards a healthier lifestyle.

Need to de-­stress and find a better mind­-body balance? Our website also offers advice on popular holistic mind­-body fitness methods such as yoga and pilates. Read our recent article about reformer pilates and how it is making the benefits of pilates more accessible to more people.

Or maybe there are aspects of your personal hygiene that you take for granted. Find articles that discuss aspects of our health in­depth so that you understand their importance thoroughly. For instance, go through our most recent article on oral health and find out why your dental hygiene habits have more impact on your overall health than you previously thought. Research has shown that many diseases and conditions actually manifest symptoms in the mouth and this is why the dentist Melbourne has now become a critical player in the early detection of many chronic conditions.

For some it might be difficult to radically change things in their life. You might be looking for a way to ease yourself into living healthier without much disruption. The right combination of technologies and certain activities can blend smoothly into your daily life.

Try a little walking and then detoxify at home with your own infrared sauna. In fact, our recent article on the healing and relaxation benefits of infrared saunas might just inspire you.